User API
User API
10/10/15 13:40
The User API is an API extension that has been added on the release date of the new developers platform. Its use is to give foreign parties, e.g. clans on TrackBase, an interface where they can gather information which are stored on TrackBase. With this API the developers can use private user information from TrackBase. So, as an example, developer XYZ could require the username and email address and let the user create an account on his / her own website with TB information.
» We require you to name us with a link to our TB home page when using data from this OR any other TrackBase API

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    You have to supply basic paramaters in order to get results. Currently all supported parameters are also required so that everyone knows what paramaters are possible. The following list shows short explanations for each of the possible parameters. Note that the parameters must be supplied as lower case characters.
  • Uid: (integer)
    Possible are all numbers greater than 0. Note that the user with that id needs to be connected to your application, so only use information already stored in your database. We are not showing user information for banned or non-validated accounts. Please remember that users can remove a relation which means you might not have access to their information anymore. So please also check on that specific error code.
  • Request: (integer)
    This is a bit number. Possible are integers greater than 0. If you want to get more than one field, supply the sum of both bit values.
    Example: Username: 1, Email: 2 => Both: 3
Once supplied all information under following URL
, you can gather all information given by us.
The results are transferred via JSON. You can get information via a JavaScript AJAX request or with PHP's curl extension or any other extensions supporting gathering of online source codes.
Example request
We hope you like this new interface. If you do, and also if you don't, please give us feedback on the forums @ and visit our social media web appearances for more information about TrackBase and its upcoming projects.
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